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I wonder if people living on the moon would think of tonight as a solar eclipse? ☯89MAY

little sleep but lots of stress and caffeine and literally everything is funny right now omg 


by Hera Chan and Carla Green | The McGill Daily


One of the hotels neighboring McGill University set to be converted into student housing this fall.

MONTREAL, Quebec — When the Holiday Inn on Sherbrooke and the Delta Centre-Ville hotel on University re-open this fall, they will be home to hundreds of university students, joining the recent trend of converting hotels to student housing in the area around McGill campus and the downtown area.

The making of the ‘McGill Ghetto’

Despite the recent news, the neighborhood around McGill hasn’t always been so student-laden. Over the years, it morphed from a working-class neighborhood to a home for hippies, draft dodgers, and counterculture. Finally, in the mid-1990s, it became the expensive, student-filled ‘McGill Ghetto’ that we know today.

According to an interview published in Satellite magazine in 2012, Phyllis Lambert, founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture, said, “In the [19]70s through the [19]80s, there was a huge not-for-profit cooperative housing project for about 600 to 700 people just to the east of the McGill campus, in the downtown.”

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it sort of sucks catching up with a series bc itll be like the fourth season and tthe characters will be like “dont worry babe were getting out of this were going to be happy and everything will be okay” and ur just there like.. no.. ur not… u still have 3 seasons left… im so sorry 


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